3 Rising Social Media Platforms and 3 Platforms to Never Forget.

We live in a world of numerous streaming services. From Netflix to Hulu, Disney+, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, more coming from CBS, NBC and that's only in the United States. Most of us do not subscribe to all of these services. We pick a handful to get our content. So what does this have to do with Social Media platforms? Well they operate in the same way, there are so many that it's hard to create a profile for them all as a user and the same applies for us using them as a marketing too. You should not try to focus your attention on ever single social media platform. You should find a few of the large ones and occasionally dip your toes into newer platforms.

3 Rising Social Media Platforms

Every year new social media platforms are released, most of them fall off the grid without anyone even knowing they existed. Every so often, one will break through the clutter and begin gaining traction from a niche to mass appeal. Below is a list of three social media platforms that have broken through niche or just about too.

Tik Tok

This app can almost be lumped into the 3 Social Media Platforms to never forget. However, it is still pretty new and we have seen in the past with social media platforms like Vine that even though they are popular now doesn't mean they will stay that way. We do not know if Tik Tok will have that staying power yet, so we will keep it in the Rising Social Media Platform category for now.

Tik Tok in its most basic form is just a vertical video sharing platform. It's almost has if you took Stories off of Instagram and just gave them their own platform, but the videos are only 15 seconds long. Right now with over 800 million users, it is definitely a place to consider showcasing your brand or company. It's a great platform to find your consumers, engage with them while also making personal content for your brand that will resonate with your consumers.


This is a live streaming platform that is becoming more popular among entertainers, gamers and athletes. This platform is still in the niche faze but has the possibility of breaking through, like Twitch and jumping into the mass user faze.

This is a great platform to show the more personal, behind the scenes side of your business or brand. Consumers really like to know what goes into the products or brands that they support, so giving them a little behind the curtain peak into who you are and your operations could bring more exposure to your company.


This is a blockchain blogging social media platform. Like Caffeine it is also still in its niche faze. This is a great platform to see what users are talking about and interested in at any given time. Also, as a contributor you actually have the ability to earn money, so this platform offers a two for one for brands and businesses. You can create content that will be seen by potential consumers, but also as your posts become more liked, it will actually generate you content.

3 Social Media Platforms to Never Forget

There are about a half a dozen platforms that have been around a decade and do not look like they are going anywhere in the near future. Like new and upcoming platforms, it's good to be aware of them, but you do not have to utilize them all. These three social media platforms are the ones you should be using for your brand and business.


Facebook is still top of the list because it is so versatile. Not only can you of course create your own personal profile but you can create a Business Page to engage with, connect to and sell to consumers directly. I want I believe is the best resource Facebook has to offer, are the numerous groups. You should join as many groups as you can that align with your product or brand, on top of that you should also join the dozens of small business groups, start up groups and any others that relate to your company. Within those groups you can begin to connect to future clients and consumers while also promoting your own company or products free of charge. You can do this by making a post in the group or commented on a thread of a post.


LinkedIn is a lot like Facebook but it tries to stay professional, which is why I think it's a top social media platform to engage on. With LinkedIn Stories coming soon, they will offer even more ways to showcase your brand or company. LinkedIn also allows for you to embed YouTube videos that play straight on the platform whereas Facebook does not allow that. However, you can also upload your own videos and photos as well. Like Facebook they have nearly an endless number of groups you can join to showcase your brand or company. This is also a platform where you can create your personal account and also a business profile.


Pictures say a 1000 words. Every client or consumers wants to be able to actually see what it is that your company or brand can offer, Instagram is one of the best ways to do that, still.

By really utilising a great photo and a great description you get the best of all worlds of Twitter and Facebook. Pictures and Video will always be #1, and Instagram is the best platform for that.

Use All. Use One

No matter which Social Media Platform route you take, make sure to use it as if you are paying for the platform. Get the most out of it, really utilize what the platform offers you to showcase your brand or business. Try out new Social Media Platforms to test out new ideas or strategies and use the veteran platforms to keep growing a strong presence for your business. No matter what, you should be posting on one or all of your social media platforms DAILY.

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