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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

During these unexpected times with businesses temporarily closing, many people find themselves out of work for some time or all together. Small businesses are struggling too. Though this blog post won't be a quick fix guide to get you back on your feet, it could be at least the beginning of a path to help yourself or your business down the road. This article isn't going to be so much about HOW to start a blog but more of WHY and some small steps you can take to help your business grow or to START blogging as a side business or hustle.

Blogging as Income

A lot of people want to get into blogging as a side hustle. Yes, there is money to be made with blogging, but it's important to keep your expectations grounded. Below I will list a few ways your blog can generate income, but before I jump into that, I want to state what is needed to even see a cent. This is advice I am beginning to heed myself. More important than anything, is to blog, blog, blog, write, write, and do some more writing. Content is EVERYTHING. The more content you have the more likely you are to get more readers the more likely you are to see a financial gain. More than just gaining more readers, the more content you have the better you can aggregate your small earnings into bigger earnings. This should be at minimum of writing a new post a DAY, EVERYDAY for at least a year. It's a lot of work but you have to have a steady stream of content to keep readers coming back and to see an increase in revenue. Below I will list a few ways you can begin to profit off of your blog RIGHT AWAY, some will take a little more time and some will take a little more work.

Affiliate Programs: This is a system in which companies sponsor products on your website. You will get a certain amount of money depending on the product or company you sponsor on your site, along with the number of views or clicks. Take your time and look at a couple of the examples below. BEFORE you can sign up for these sites, you must already have your blogged launched.



Amazon Associates: This is a great system to use to go ahead and begin to see some revenue from day one. You can use Amazon Associates to advertise on your blog or you can link to products that if purchased, will give you a small commission. The link below will help you get a full understanding of how Amazon Associates works.

Google Ad Sense: This is a simple process of just using Google as the hub to advertise on your blog. This is a slower pay off. You will need a lot of page views but the more content you have the more page views you are likely to get. Just head over to Google Adsense to fully understand how their system works and the process to incorporate it into your blog.

Merchandise: This method takes a little more work, it's almost like an extra side hustle on top of your hustle. However, if you see your blog as a business and moreover a BRAND, then merchandising is a great route to take. To start with, you should have a really great logo, something you can splatter on t-shirts, coffee mugs, stickers, et cetera. Once you have the bare minimum of a logo you can use a service like Printful and have your merchandise set up with print on-demand. With a service like Printful you can link your blog to your Printful store, so shoppers never have to leave your website. You don't have to go crazy here to start out. Maybe just sell coffee mugs and totebags. Two items people love having a lot of.

Other Items: Lastly, there is a slew of other items you can look to sell. E-book, online course, consulting, or even on-line workshops. Let the blog guide people into other items that you can offer.

Blogging as Marketing!

Right now small businesses are trying figure out how to keep paying their bills and stay relevant. A blog is a great way to keep customers remembering you, even if they aren't using your service or establishment at this moment. You can use the blog to write about your business or brand, also you can write about general information within your industry. Let people dive into what it takes to run your business. The more you write, the more ideas will come to you on how to write about your business or industry. If you feel lost, look up other blogs and see what they are writing about.

Also use all the Blogging as Income methods above within your blog to help generate revenue as well. Now that you've written your blog you need to get it out there and you need to get it out to as many readers as possible. Below are few places you should post your blog EVERY TIME you write an entry.

LinkedIn Personal and Company Page: LinkedIn allows you to post your content right into their site. If you do not have a personal account AND business account page, set both up. Then post your blog to both of them.

LinkedIn Groups: Find LinkedIn groups that align with your business or industry. Ask to join those groups. After you've been granted access, post your blog there.

Facebook Personal and Business Page: You should have a personal Facebook Profile and a Business Page. Make sure to post your blog on both.

Twitter: Twitter is a little small to post a whole blog, but you can link to it. You should do this.

Instagram: Though instagram is a picture based platform, you can take a small snipped from your blog and make it into an interesting picture text. There are a lot of websites out there that can help you do this for free. Canva, Crello, PlaceIt. Check them out. You can also post your whole blog write into your description on your Instagram picture.

Do It All!

I believe the best approach is to do as much of the above as you can. You may not be able to initiate each financial stream from the beginning, but lay out a game plane to introduce each of the methods into your blog. Hopefully with time and perseverance, all those revenue streams will slowly add up to a bigger profit.

This is just a breeze over of the ways a blog can help you start a side hustle or grow your business. If you are serious about either of those, I would suggest diving deep into every point I mentioned in this blog and acquire as mush research as you can. Good luck!

Here are few blogging books you should check out. Some are free on Amazon Kindle.

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