The 3 BEST Content Marketing Tools for Small Businesses and Startups

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

We are all looking for tools to help our small businesses feel like they are playing on the same field as the big leagues. Those big companies with big budgets that can afford strong social media posts, great photos, videos and amazing communication tools. Well all of those resources are also available for all of us in the little leagues. Even better many of those resources are inexpensive or even FREE. So let's jump right into some tools you should have in your tool box to help your brand expand and stand out.

This in no way is an exhaustive list by any measure, however, these are some of our favorite tools.


I have mentioned Canva in other articles, that's because I really love this app that much. Are you looking for stellar Instagram or Facebook social media templates? What about making a simple video? From Flyers, to Posters, YouTube Thumbnail and Resume templates, this service has it all. On top of that they offer a plethora of stock images too. If you want to pay for the premium subscription you'll have nearly an endless supply of tools. However, even if you want to stay FREE, they offer plenty of materials.


Pixabay is by far from the only stock image site out there, but they are probably one of the largest and better yet they have so many FREE options. From Photos, Videos, Illustrations, Vectors to Music, you can find nearly everything you would need to make social media posts or market your company without breaking the bank.


Later is probably our favorite social media scheduling tool. They even have a FREE version. When you are trying to post on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest it can become a bit overwhelming to stay on top of all those posts. With Later you can do that all in one place. The Free version allows you to have one Profile and you can post on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest with that account. We love creating a handful of posts for the week, scheduling them all out and then not having to post daily. Later posts daily for us.

There are many many tools you can use and in a future article we will break down all the options in each category. If some of this feels overwhelming or you would like to jump a notch above what is listed here there are a great handful of companies out there that can help you execute your social media and marketing needs, even if they are very small. That is what Compadres in Cahoots was founded on, helping small businesses feel like they have a big business agency with their marketing looking like it has a big business budget.

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