Go Wide Not High. The Next Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses.

The old ways of marketing and probably still one of the most common among larger companies is to create large singular campaigns that reach the masses through the highest pillars of distribution. Television commercials, outdoor marketing such as billboards and posters. The bigger the company the more of these singular campaigns they would launch in a year. This is something that is impossible to achieve for smaller companies and brands - also it is something you should not aspire too.

Creative ideas are still important, however marketing is changing and growing. You should not be thinking about a single idea anymore. Companies should be focused on hyper-targeted campaigns with customized and personalized messaging. Consumers no longer want to be SOLD too. They want to buy into a story and the more customized and personal that story is, the more likely they are to buy the products the company is selling.

What separates digital content marketing from traditional marketing is its focus on creating experiences that engage customers. What that means for you is to not focus on one big campaign, but many smaller, personalized campaigns. This is what we mean by going wide not high. By creating multiple personal campaigns for your brand you can reach out to a wider consumer base but still keep it personal. Each campaign can be tailored for the type of personal story you want to tell and each story will appeal to a different demographic or group. So you are no longer focused on creating one large campaign that reaches as many people as possible - which is also the most expensive.

With this wider net approach, by creating a slew of micro campaigns you are also saving some money in your marketing expenses. First, you do not have to spend a big chunk at a time, instead you can budget out a little marketing money each month and create a smaller campaign a month. Also, if a campaign is not as successful as you had hoped or thought it would be, you do not have to worry about losing a large sum of marketing money. This allows you the ability to be agile and adjust your campaigns based on how well they are doing.

The next step for your company should be to align with a marketing or video production agency to help you create these smaller campaigns. It is usually best to find a smaller company that will also treat you like a big client and not a small client because you have a smaller scale business. Smaller personal campaigns and more of them is the next wave of marketing for companies. Ride that wave.

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